Monday, November 28, 2011

Confessions and cookie making...

Tonight I made cookies at home and decorated them with icing. Why? Because I was in a festive mood and I'll bring a tray of them to work tomorrow. As I sat and iced the last of my gingerbread men, I thought "These guys are pretty hot..."

Kidding... Just seeing if you're paying attention.

I thought to myself "This is the kind of thing I think kids should be doing!" It made me think of the children who go to sleep on concrete floors, in dirt, who don't have a mother or father who will hug them, kiss them, love them... and who don't have Christmas cookies to look forward to.

Every child should get a chance to make cookies with a loving parent.

Someday archaic places like Utah will realize that single parents, especially men, are potential love-givers and fully capable of helping a child reach his or her full potential. I don't even know women who can bake and cook as well as I can.

More confessions... I'm kind of wondering if I need to start preparing myself now for being a father by maybe trying to get more spiritually in-tune. Its hard when I feel lonely reading the scriptures by myself, go to church by myself, and pray alone. To me, those activities should be done as a family.

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