Sunday, July 12, 2009

Update on the life of a Post-it Lover

Recently I had the opportunity to do something which I kind of wondered if I'd ever do in this lifetime: go through the temple for the first time. It was absolutely incredible. I always describe it to my friends as being overwhelmed spiritually and mentally.

The peace in the temple is absolutely remarkable. I now look forward so much to returning and completing more work for my family.

Getting my recommend was never easy. I had a year of disciplinary council issues, working on overcoming addictive behaviors I'm not proud to admit were ever a part of my life, and working through repentance. However, a few months ago I got my recommend and I promptly set a date for the temple.

Some of my family and friends were able to accompany me.

The Temple made me feel even further that I'm doing the right thing. A lot of readers might not agree especially if they've left the church. However, it's true. Ignore this post if you think I've become indoctrinated into a cult. Because if I'm in a cult, it makes me feel safe and secure... So nothing you say will convince me otherwise.

I love this gospel!