Friday, December 2, 2011

Is it really that bad?

Sometimes I hear people complaining about their sexuality... an attitude which seems to have really perpetuated in the LDS Moho community.

Person a: "Oh, life is such a challenge... here are all of my challenges"
Person b: "Well, you think that is bad... My father did this... and I never had fun as a child.
Person a: "Oh, thats horrible! But it is not as bad as me..."

And the conversation continues. People don't know how to appreciate their attractions.

Here's my challenge to you:

Write down the top 10 things you want to do in life. They could be silly things like learning how to cook thai food. Or important things like... buy a house, build a cabin, etc.

The thing which is necessary is that they have to be REAL things. Don't write "Be a good person" since that is so subjective. Write things you want to be able to accomplish. And the things you want to do in life HAVE TO BE THINGS YOUR HEART TRULY WANTS!

I know cooking thai food might sound silly, but if it is something which interests you... write it down! If traveling to Kazakhistan has been a dream of yours since you were little, write it down! Seriously. I want everyone to write down ten things.

And guess what? Probably none of them will be impossible due to your attractions. Even if you wrote "Get married and have a bunch of kids!" Not impossible. You'd just have to find the right woman. And most women would love a good gay husband. Seriously. Most of my female friends say "I wish my gay friends were straight enough to have sex with me because they're the best companions..."

So if the top ten things you want to do in life which are your most heartfelt, most desired things to accomplish are ALL possible: WHY ARE YOU COMPLAINING? Sure, crap happens all the time---sure, you're lonely sometimes... but everyone is! So get up off your lazy butt and stop complaining. Find something to be happy about.


Beck said...

I really like this challenge!


Post-It Boy said...

I will possibly make a post about my 10 goals and dreams in life. Some of them are silly but they mean a lot to me. One I've already accomplished... I wanted to be on a TV show and I AM which is a little scary. Just a local show but still---its exciting to meet a goal!

Bravone said...