Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Kind of pissed at Steven Fales

So has anyone else heard of Steven Fales? He's the famous "Mormon Boy" actor or whatever... Anyway, I guess he has a new play in the works which is a collection of monologues from the perspective of our "Heavenly Mother"... A current play of his talks about temple ceremonies according to a review I read. (Why I read it, I have no idea... Since I wouldn't see his play even if I had free tickets since I've heard enough.)

I can appreciate his coming out stories, knowing that many experience the same things... I'm sure his life has been a challenge as he's had other non-gay issues in his life... and I'm sure he's struggled.

However, no matter where his testimony and faith (or lack thereof) he should have respect for sacred things...

Oh, this fumes me.

That guy is just like every inactive gay Mormon I've ever met... They lose the spirit and then BAM! Its all about making fun or talking lightly of sacred things. That really offends me. I don't care if he's had a hard life as a prostitute or drug addict or whatever else he's done---I'm sure that was hard for him. However, he's gotten beyond that and left the "cult" he'd been in... So why doesn't he just move on with his life and talk about something besides being Mormon?

So lame.

No one invite me to his show because I'd probably be angry the whole time. I don't like when people make fun of sacred things, no matter who or what they are... And I'm not just talking my beliefs, if someone was making fun of another religion's sacred services or beliefs, I'd be mad also.


Monday, February 2, 2009

Where in the world is Post It San Diego?

Does anyone remember that "Where in the world is Carmen San Diego?" game show? Well, if you don't, my post title makes no sense.

Its been months since I've updated this thing.

Here's where I'm at...

Since May I've been on an informal probation with the church. As of about a month ago, that probation has been removed so I'm now able to take the sacrament. I'm still working on myself spiritually, but I feel in many ways I'm advancing... I'm going to be going through the temple soon (hopefully within the next few months---) It all depends on what my Bishop says and what he tells the Stake President. I don't know WHEN this is all going to be fixed up.

Tonight I went to the Matis fireside and the topic was on Temples and going to get your Endowments. A weird topic, perhaps, but then again the speaker IS a Temple President.

The weird part of tonight happened when my Bishop's wife was in the audience. She's an old friend of the Matis family so I was a little in shock but now my wife knows I'm a Moho! Woohoo!

The last while I've been living with a friend of mine who has now moved back home temporarily---and its been hard for me to be alone. I do miss having him around. He'll only be gone a couple weeks but its still weird. When you are good friends with someone, its nice to have them around...

So basically my big news is that I'm preparing for the temple. I'm not going to get married. I'm not serving a mission. But its something I need to do.

In other news, I'm teaching my Sunday School class and the first week went smashing... I'm excited about it and the upcoming developments with it. My bishop's wife has decided to join now so she'll be in my class AND she knows the truth why I don't date despite being in a Young Single Adults ward.

In other other news, another friend of mine has evidently stopped being as active in the church. It happens a lot more than I'd like to say. It makes me sad... but at the same time, I'm happy that he's happy. Its just hard for me to see people leave the gospel, especially when I know there are testimonies inside their hearts.

So... for whoever is reading this, go back to church---shape up---and then stop complaining about your life because its not that bad. There are people starving in other countries or who are dying because they don't have access to penicillin. THEY have it far worse.

Stay strong Brothers and Sisters!