Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Before you read...

... know that I do have a testimony. If I didn't, I wouldn't be blogging at all. I'd be living my life without worrying about my future and the next life and all that jazz.

However, I will state that recently I've been getting emails and seeing blog posts which are excessively preachy. Almost hell-fire and damnation type posts. I won't say that it is wrong for someone to do so, however, it is an annoyance. There's no conversation or growth or development with those posts.

For example, let's say you're having a conversation with someone on ethics or morality... and then someone says a finite statement like "But thats not what the Lord would want... " and then starts quoting scriptures, it is kind of frustrating. I don't usually enter conversations to get one of the gospel Missionary discussions. I am, in fact, already LDS and don't need to hear it.

But if there's a conversation where different ideas are being bounced around in order to help people think and grow and consider other ideas---all within gospel settings of appropriateness... why do some have the need to preach? I don't get it.

I guess I never got into the missionary zeal as I never served a mission so I tend to keep my testimony to myself and to those who observe my life and can SEE I live the standards---not necessarily having to shove it down anyone's throats.

I usually have gospel related discussions where doctrine are discussed---and then other kinds of conversations where the world can be discussed in a frank and open manner in order to help people to grow. There's a TON of same gender attracted people out there who leave the church for one reason or another. What do we do with these types of people? Throw them scriptures every time they talk to us, or do we accept and love them as fellow human beings without excluding them by making them feel worthless for not living up to very difficult standards?

I personally would rather show someone how to live the gospel standards, have SSA feelings, and live happily than preach to them about it.


Simon said...

Amen brother.

I've had many people who get 'preachy' or offer unsolicited advice when I share with them about my struggle with same-gender attraction, or about my struggle with anything else. I typically feel angry and defensive when that happens.

I agree with you that loving and accepting other people is the way to help them grow more.

Post-It Boy said...

I think that loving and accepting other people is a way for everyone to grow---I have friends who feel like everyone judges them for their choices. And that doesn't allow for people to feel very welcome.

When someone expresses their opinion on something, even if it might not follow church doctrine, I think it is almost offensive if someone says "You're wrong, here's some scriptures to prove it, end of discussion." Not very loving in my opinion.

Simon said...

Exactly! If I feel like my choices are being judged, then I don't feel welcome. Although I find that I'm judging my own actions so often, that it feels like others are watching and judging mine all the time.

Larry said...

The friends I know that are going to be there for me for the long haul are the ones that just accept me with all my faults. They just love me through them & trust I can make my own decisions.

The Spirit can do the 'preaching' to me, when I need it.

Neal said...

Preachy doesn't work - I've tried it before. Love, caring, service, and acceptance are what matter. Leave the preaching OUT and leave the judgement up to God.

Keaton said...

I love it that you hang in there given all the Ogers out there. Stay strong...be gold as they say. Your example of tolerance and giving is a powerful force that will influence others to live their lives with a little more joy.