Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Confused... and I can see why

I feel confused right now. I can probably see why---I haven't kept up with my prompting a few weeks ago to seek after spirituality. It is hard for me. I feel like at home I am struggling alone with spirituality---as I don't have a family to be with on a daily basis who appreciates the church. I wish I had that support network.

Right now I feel like I'm in the doldrums. I don't feel myself progressing enough to really feel like I'm moving along. I also don't feel like I'm necessarily moving backwards. Just kind of hanging somewhere in between.

I feel better than a few days ago. Which is good. I just have to keep pushing myself. Someday, I'll have this all figured out.

If anyone has thousands of dollars to pay off my student loans and give me a push with a down payment on a house, please let me know. :) Once I have that house, my plans of fatherhood will come much easier.

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