Wednesday, February 8, 2012

I have decided

I am going to not post for a while in NorthStar. It might be healthier for me while I'm battling all my psyches. I feel like I'm going a little insane right now ... so it might be good for me to focus on my work and other responsibilities, get those cleared up, and then I can think about posting again. I'll maybe read them, but I won't comment.

For those who actually care that I'm there, I thank you. I know I don't always have the views of everyone else. I just think right now, Post-it Boy needs a little break from the religious views of some of the people there. I'm LDS because of my testimony not because I agree with everything taught at church. (I believe doctrine but not theological scare tactics like the things they say about gay marriage---or gay people---or adoptions---or surrogacy or whatever.)

You know that the church is against surrogacy and in-vitro for straight couples too, right? Yep. Its true. Its not against church doctrine. But its not supported by the church. Is it supported by me? 100% Its not going against doctrine, just guidelines in the Bishop's Handbook. I don't think the First Presidency is always inspired by their statements. Other than Bednar, I don't know of any who have had problems with pregnancy and infertility and with how the church leaders are sheltered from a lot of what is happening in the world, it doesn't surprise me they'd have views which are 30 years behind the times. However, another day---another dollar.

I'm not posting on NorthStar for at least a week. Maybe more.

Thought you'd like to know.


Trev said...

I don't blame you for taking a break, but I for one think your participation has tremendous value for the group.

Neal said...

I haven't tried the Facebook scene, but I stir up enough controversy through the e-mail groups. Don't leave me to be the only troublemaker! :)

Post-It Boy said...

After seeing some of the ridiculous comments of a few of the participants, I have unfriended another person on Facebook---since I don't see the point in having people there who are negative towards me.

I think having the break will be good. I've read what people have posted today on and off. Thank you, Trev, for thinking I actually offer something good by my participation. However, I will not be changing my mind. I need at least a week away from it.

I'm already negative enough about church-y things and LDS culture... being surrounded by some of those people in the group makes it tough for me. I will be fine, but the break is necessary for me right now.

Adam said...

I understand. I remain somewhat closeted in the NS group with respect to some of my opinions for the same reason. For the record, I appreciate your viewpoints and have admired your bravery in sharing them.

Post-It Boy said...

I like posting my views---one reason why I have a blog. However, I just feel like I need a break. I love hearing from you on there too, Adam. I think your views and opinions are great. There are several on the group whose opinions I do not value nor do I think they add anything to the community but oh well. I just need a break for a bit. :)