Thursday, February 9, 2012

My thoughts

I have a few ideas of future blog topics to discuss. As I'm on my break from NorthStar, I am going to post my thoughts here. Whoever reads it can read it. However, my discussion right now will be the presumptuousness of the Saints.

1) I believe in the gospel. My faith in the church body as a whole is not strong. However, my faith that the gospel is true IS there. I believe that our Heavenly Father watches over this church. I don't think He always approves of what goes on within church meetings, but He is still our Eternal Father in Heaven.

2) I believe that we are supposed to teach our fellow brothers and sisters about the gospel. Including the importance of families.

3) I believe that we are supposed to also teach our fellow brothers and sisters love and charity. And we should be examples of such.

4) I believe in being respectful of others' beliefs. The church teaches that. We shouldn't shun our neighbors as they're not LDS---we also shouldn't shove Books of Mormon in their hands every time we turn around. I think true missionary work is done by example more than preaching.

5) I think it is presumptuous to think that our beliefs need to filter into every aspect of our geographical culture. Is it right that we say "Marriage is between a man and a woman because those are our beliefs. We should make everyone adhere to the same idea. Regardless of religion or culture"??? I don't know. I don't think so. Why? Because it puts us up on this pride pedestal saying "We're right, you're wrong." There's no harmony between the two groups. Will the small population seeking gay marriage actually infiltrate every corner of society? I doubt it.

6) People have argued that in Utah there is no discrimination because of some anti-discrimination laws. That is simply not true. There is a lot of discrimination. And there is discrimination all over the country.

So that being said... if we are supposed to love our neighbors, show them by example the gospel, want to keep the peace, etc. how can we honestly say "No, you have to abide by OUR rules, even if you don't believe in them...!" ?

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