Monday, February 13, 2012

People leaving the church over this...

I think that this issue of homosexuality within the church, even within active LDS church members, will be a core issue for many leaving the church and seeking refuge elsewhere... I got a message on facebook from a friend of mine who stated that two good friends of theirs---previously strong members---had left the church over this homosexuality issue.

One of my closest friends has left the church. This harms our relationship at times. Its not that easy hearing him speak against the church---I don't think he's an apostate... but I think he's been hurt by the church and church members. He hasn't been able to find the balance between this issue and the church.

I don't know how to resolve people leaving the church. However, I don't think it will ever be resolved through arguments and either side saying "I am right, you are wrong."

Right now, it seems there is a huge debate going on within NorthStar members regarding marriage. Yes, I believe the church is true---because I believe the gospel is true... is every word given by Prophets 100% true? Not necessarily. When they're led by the spirit, yes. However, there are things which are recanted and restated for clarification. The church leaders also speak from their hearts in addition to speaking from the pulpit as a church leader.

I think that attacking another who expresses a differing opinion is just argumentative. It will cause ill-feelings and maybe cause others who think otherwise to say "Hey, if my opinion isn't valid, why am I even here? If the church doesn't agree with my thinking on this, maybe my testimony isn't good enough? Maybe I shouldn't be here?!?!" and cause doubts. Its best, in my opinion, to listen to others' views.

I worry about the future of the church. It seems people are leaving the church in buses full---and a lot of it is over this very issue.


Trev said...

Ha ha, yes, it does seem to be a pretty big debate. It made the forum about 5x more interesting. Too bad you left right then ;).

Post-It Boy said...

Its a ridiculously long debate. One which I think is a little uncomfortable for some people.

I don't agree with the idea of "I'm right, you're wrong." And some people are posting essentially that argument which is illogical. The whole "Just follow the prophet's counsel" is valid to a point, but I have some issues with that argument too. The church is fluctuating with its statements slightly---I've heard some say they were threatened with church discipline if they didn't fight for Prop 8 for example. Not sure if thats true. But then I've heard the church has said they wouldn't punish anyone for not fighting for it---

And I'm kind of glad I'm on the break. I'd probably just add to the turmoil.