Monday, February 27, 2012


Ever feel so stressed that you kind of want to escape from it all?

Thats how this week is for me. I only feel peace when I am not thinking about the work I have to do... including working an 8 hour day and then working an extra 13 hours by tomorrow morning. Sigh.

So if I don't sleep this week and I'm super crabby, that is why.

Someday my future babies will know the stress I went through to financially prepare for them. Sigh.

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Trev said...

So, on "Talk of the Nation" today they had a lady who wrote an article titled something like, "I Want to Be My Children's Only Parent," about why she wants to be a single mother. As you can imagine, she got all kinds of responses and questions and I thought you might think it interesting.

So, you might want to look up that program when you finish your workweek and come back to the land of the living and read this comment.