Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Someone likes me...

I've gotten a dozen emails about my leaving NorthStar including one at my work email from Danielle Mansfield. I do love Ty and Danielle. They're mini-Moho celebrities.

She wanted me to return to share my opinions about the narrow-mindedness.

I was very touched by her emailing me.

After emailing her a reply, I realized that there are so many issues why I don't want to rejoin.

It is very nice knowing my outlandish opinions are appreciated by some.


Trev said...

You're wrong. They're not "mini" Moho celebrities. ;) I love the Mansfields. Danielle just wrote an amazing post in the group (I know, shocking, right?) you might enjoy.

I still hold that you'll be back to North Star someday, in one way or another... Ha ha ha

Adam said...

Love the Mansfields. Love you. The end.