Tuesday, September 18, 2012

As MLK said... I have a dream

I like daydreaming and thinking about dreams---not the kind at night... the ones where we think about our future...

Here's what I envision:

1) No debts from student loans, taxes... and any debts from credit cards to be minimal.

2) A beautiful house, somewhere within about 15 minutes of a city... but with enough space to grow a fruit orchard and where I can have children running in the backyard. Ideally, there'd also be a pool involved. In the middle of the fruit orchard, I also want to have a lamp-post just like in Narnia. I've seen people with lamp posts in their yard and I think it is the cutest idea.

3) My house would have my own office, a food storage room-pantry, and enough space that my family could grow.

4) A partner on some level... someone who is as excited about my adoption, or at least supportive of it... someone who I won't have to convince or motivate. Someone who will say "Hey, let's plan this together..." instead of me doing it all on my own. Even if this partner was a celibate friend who I was close to, I'd be okay. I just would like to have someone who'd be excited about these plans with me.

5) Everyday would be the 4th of July. (I forget what movie this references but I remember watching a movie where someone said life should be full of fireworks like the 4th of July.)

6) Even if we're not 100% active, I'd love to go to church at least 50% of the time... even if its just Sacrament Meeting and Sunday School. I want someone who respects the church even if its too hard to live sometimes.

7) Traveling: I love to travel. Even with kids, I want to travel.

8) A great job which would give me freedom to be with my children. I don't care about working from home vs. an office. Just want to have some sort of income which is stable and pays my bills.

I think that these above dreams are simple and profound.

Why does it seem so hard to attain them?

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