Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Hatred within our people

Okay, let's remove labels for a minute.

Let's stop calling ourselves same-gender attracted. Let's stop calling ourselves gay, straight, SGA, SSA, Moho, whatever... Let's just call ourselves human beings. Since that is what we all are, right?

We as human beings all have challenges in life. We're taught to work on overcoming those challenges which can be overcome. Change the things which need to be changed. Some of us are taught the gospel. But many of us are taught to be good people regardless of the gospel presence in our lives.

So that being said, why do we have so much hatred for other groups of our people---other human beings?

We go through life teaching to love our brothers and sisters and yet we have hatred and say horrible things.

I've recently seen this in the blog world and the Northstar messages.

"Oh, George doesn't live the gospel anymore... He's got such ridiculous views. They disgust me"

I'm sorry that you don't like people who don't view the gospel the same way that you do. I'm sorry that you cannot accept people for who they are---being human beings---without saying their views disgust you. Men and women who are attracted to members of their own gender have a tough time in life. We're given the crappy end of the stick in many social circles. And those of us who still go to church, we're even a more segmented portion of society. We don't fit into both worlds easily. So we're always looking for a balance.

And then here we have people within our own community---both as human beings and then those who are attracted to their own gender---who show such intolerance. "I don't like how this person is living the gospel."

GET OVER THYSELF! Stop being such a pain in the butt Mean Girl.

Remember what the Savior said... don't just love the people you agree with. Love thy neighbor as thyself. He didn't run away from the lepers who were the worst of society. He loved them and Healed them. He was an example to all including women and children who were lesser citizens.

Seriously people. Wake up. And be Saints of the gospel. I never said you had to agree with everyone. But don't go spewing hate for people who are basically in the same position you are but have chosen many a little to the left of where you're standing. We're all the same. We're all human beings. Stop!

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Chase Thomas said...

This is so true! Everyone is having a hard enough time just trying to life as they are without having others telling them that they are living it wrong. This post just struck a chord with me tonight. Thanks so much for saying this!