Friday, June 1, 2012

Wandering purposeless but with enjoyment

Last night I met up with a friend and we wandered around downtown Salt Lake City. We discussed all sorts of things. We didn't really have a reason to be out walking around other than to chat. It was actually really pleasant and very much needed.

Sometimes wandering around with no purpose is kind of a good thing.

I've decided to really grip my finances by the cootchie bits and get them under control. I mapped out my expenses from last month and I'm shocked. I've spent $500 on groceries alone! Ridiculous. So I'm now trying to figure out my budget for how much of my paycheck will go where. I'd like to see a huge chunk of my debts be GONE within a year. So I'll be cutting back and re-applying my money to places which it is most needed. Still will have to work tons of hours, but at least I'll be getting closer to my goals.

For Christmas this year, I think I'm going to get myself an Ipod. Actually, when I get rid of my major debt, that will be my reward. Doesn't even need to be a fancy one. I just want to be able to listen to Glee, showtunes, and dance music while exercising.

In other news, I'm officially between 6-8 lbs lighter than the beginning of May. I need to lose more weight... and I will. I just need to keep working towards it.

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Trev said...

Hey! So, I accidentally bought a 1st generation iPod Touch on eBay (I meant to get a 2nd Generation because I need it to restore the settings and software for the 2nd Gen I bought from my classmate and then left on the bus in Hong Kong...; but it can do basically what the 2 gen Touch can do with a $5 firmware upgrade).

Would you be interested in buying it? I'd sell it for whatever the going rate on eBay is, or probably less.