Tuesday, May 1, 2012

What do you guys think?

When it comes to physical affection between members of the same-sex, what is appropriate versus inappropriate?

I think if most men are honest---especially those of BYU age---they'll admit that they've kissed and or cuddled with other men. Is this appropriate or is it borderline inappropriate? If this was as far as a relationship went, would having a boyfriend be inappropriate in the church's eyes?

What do you think?


AKgayN.LDS said...

During the Disciplinary Council I just went through the Stake President told the council that I had refrained from relationships with other men except "normal friendships."

Before the council he asked what my relationships with other men are like. I told him I have a couple close male friends.

I don't cuddle with them or anything. I think if I were to say that I did cuddle with a male friend he would find that wrong. Now days I would like to cuddle with a guy but I also feel like it isn't correct. IDK - just my feelings but I guess one should do what h/she feels is correct.

Post-It Boy said...

Well, I have a feeling most church leaders would think cuddling with a man was inappropriate. But I'm not looking for what church leaders think, necessarily, looking for what my readers think.

I wonder if there would be a successful way to balance the attractions with healthy affection as a means to curb depression\anxiety\a desire for something else.

Therman said...

I think The Church would prefer than none of the cuddling and such between members of the same gender even happened. It may be the whole "playing with fire" or "getting too close to the edge" philosophies.

However, my own personal belief is that having a boyfriend is not wrong at all.

Post-It Boy said...

Therman, I think that is something which a lot of men are deciding upon.

Its certainly a predicament to be in---and I doubt church headquarters would ever say "That is okay!" However, there are some I've talked to who believe that their relationship with Jesus Christ cannot be dictated by the LDS church. Interesting.

And you know I think your thoughts are awesome so keep em coming!