Monday, May 7, 2012

Feeling alone vs. Being alone

I don't like being alone---I like being around people in general. Not a big people person but I don't like being alone.

However, I don't like feeling alone either. In fact, feeling alone is worse because usually it happens in large groups of people. A guy in my ward started talking to me yesterday and I couldn't even be bothered to go into much of a conversation. I assume, already, before even talking to him that he and I will not be friends.

Something is wrong in my head.

Right now I feel a little alone. I'm on my way to work. Hopefully the feeling will pass.

I've not really had any messages from Northstar people about my not being there. I wonder if my absence is even being noted by anyone? Weird.

I think I need to try a little harder to make friends in my ward since I was asked two more times on Sunday if I was new. And I've been in the ward since it was established.


Gay LDS Actor said...

I'm the exact opposite; I love my alone time and can be kind of unsocial. I don't like being with large groups of people. I actively seek out the most isolated area in restaurants, for example, and am overjoyed if I happen to attend a movie where there aren't very many people in attendance. It's interesting how different people are wired.

That being said, I have experienced in the past the feelings you describe of being among a large group of people but feeling completely alone. That's never fun.

Here's wishing, hoping, and praying you won't feel or be alone too often.

Post-It Boy said...

I do like being alone sometimes, but it all depends. I just hate the feeling of being alone when surrounded by people. I'm not a social butterfly at all.