Sunday, May 20, 2012

Stupid Ignorance

Today in Sunday School, the conversation got turned to things the Prophet has asked of us. Teacher brought up Prop 8 and how there were controversies behind it---Another person brought up all the DANGEROUS people which Prop 8 helps us fight against. Gay people included. I started to shake a little with frustration. The speaker went on to state that homosexuals have all sorts of things which go against the church, how its obvious why the church fights with the Prop 8 thing, etc.

The teacher brought up that its not the people we're fighting against. But the marriage issue. And then he brought up that the church hasn't gotten involved in other states.

I raised my hand and brought up the fact that the church has never said WHY we're against gay marriage. But we shouldn't come up with ways to say why its bad because we tend to come off as ignorant.

Why do I even stick with this ward anymore?

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