Wednesday, December 26, 2007


I was speaking to my mother the other day and she told me something which was a little surprising but also comforting.

We were talking about same-gender attraction. Using code words so that in case anyone overheard, nobody could understand. She told me something shocking...

"I have never once cried about those feelings."

She's never cried over my same-gender attraction issues. She has had concerns for my well-being but never enough that she had resorted to crying.

It was comforting to me knowing that my mother is alright with this issue. So why should I ever cry over something like this?

I'm glad that 99% of the time I'm okay with it too.


Felicity said...

Your mom sounds super cool. Lucky you :)

One of So Many said...

Parents definitely hurt and sympathize with their children. It's a good thing she's come to terms with the issue.

Definitely consider yourself lucky.