Friday, December 14, 2007

A Brand New Day!

I'm currently listening to "Brand New Day" from the movie The Wiz. Its such a fun song. If I ever kill the wicked witch of the West in a movie, I hope to sing and dance to it.

But I'd never kill Elphaba. :)

Does anyone appreciate me mixing musical references?

Okay... So Abelard Enigma brought up the Family Ward vs. Singles Ward issue.

I've thought about this before. If I were to live in this non-sexual but caring and supportive relationship situation with a Moho, would I want to live in a Family Ward or a Singles Ward?

I guess it depends on the ward. Would two guys living together who didn't date really get noticed that much in a Singles Ward? I might be checked out on occasion by the random hotties (men and women) on campus, but I am not someone usually sought after. Maybe its the fact that my major keeps me so busy. However, I don't really see living in a Singles Ward as being a bad thing. Nor a good thing. It could potentially get annoying if some girl decides she's in love with me and pursues me.

However, any female admirers of mine usually get turned off when I express no interest or bring up the fact I am not a returned missionary.

In a Family Ward, there's ALWAYS going to be the Match-makers. The types who'd always have a niece or granddaughter to set you up with. And despite how fashionably dressed I am at church, people still never pick up on the clues of which sex I'm attracted to---and as I'm a nice young man, I get lots of ladies wanting me to date their daughters. It comes with the territory. I doubt they'd do the same if I expressed interest in dating their hot college aged sons though. LOL. I'm just teasing! I swear!


I think I'd have enough acceptance in either type of ward that I'd be just fine.

In every LDS ward, there will be some opposition. And undoubtedly some rumors. However, if I'm doing my best, I think people will be able to see that.

Personal Experience: I found out about two years after I moved out of an apartment that basically all my roommates had questioned my sexuality. However, they never openly asked me or each other really. They all respected me and could see I was doing the right thing in life. I was active in the church and a very good person. So they never worried about me or felt any need to question me.

Aren't those the types of friends I'd want over the busy-bodies anyway?

And it would take more than a few prejudiced members to get me to stop going to church. In fact, I don't think anything would stop me going. I live in Utah. I can just change wards if I'm in a "bad one".

I'm thinking I might share some personal experiences and insight in regards to sexual temptations to men being diminished because of love, if anyone is interested. I brought it up in the comments on my last blog.

Finally! Cool Roommate is out of the Shower so I can go to a Christmas Party. I'm bringing homemade peanut butter-oatmeal cookies. Yummmy! I'm like a male Martha Stewart but I have a soul... :)


MrChoriz said...

Hey Moho i am your fan number 1! i love all your thoughts! i will start a fan club for you! haha but seriously i agree with everything u say!

One of So Many said...

I just finished Reading your backblog. I love your train of thought and your fluid wording of your feelings and life experiences.

I can honestly say though that I'm a Moho that hates musicals. It almost makes me question if I am gay. Then I watch any of the Bourne movies, think to myself how dreamy Matt Damon is then I don't have to wonder anymore.

I look forward to more of your blogs. You are Awesome!