Thursday, December 6, 2007

Interesting daydream I had...

I was watching a TV show about lottery winners on TLC. Am I the only one who enjoys shows like that? 13 Social Workers got to split like 225 million dollars.

All of them seemed to waste it on expensive cars. Big houses. Only a few did anything good with it.

When I look at my future, I think "I wouldn't do that..." Sure, I'd probably buy some new clothes. And I'd buy myself a slightly nicer car. Something that isn't 13 years old. I'd get out of student debt and probably not worry about paying for graduate school anymore.

But as I pondered what I would do with it, I realized my future would be similar to my ideal future at this point. It would just take away financial worries, allowing me to do what I'd really like to do...

There's some places I'd love to visit. Places my ancestors lived. Sweden. Scotland. Germany. Italy. (I'm not Italian but who wouldn't want to go there?)

I'd love to go and document the countries and cultures my family comes from. I'd really love to serve a mission. I'd love to do some of my ancestors' names in the temple. Preferably some I'd find myself. Guess I have more to do for that dream though---including learning how I'd locate all my ancestors.

I'd buy a house, of course. Something which isn't a fixer-upper and had enough room for me. And some guest rooms large enough they could stay for as long as they'd like. I'd like to make sure my parents could retire wherever they'd like, preferably near me.

And I'd set up a scholarship at BYU for students like me studying fields which are not particularly lucrative upon graduation. I'd probably also donate money for my major to be expanded because we're the illegitimate step child of three different departments and no one wants us. lol. And unless you know me, you won't know my major.

I'd probably still shop for discounts. In fact, I know I would---because I love a bargain.

My house would actually be the same one I intend to own someday. Somewhere within easy driving distance to Downtown Salt Lake City. For Shows. Temple Work. Research. Enough land for a few fruit trees. I'd still want to learn how to make all food from scratch. I'd still have my dreams of learning how to bottle fruits and preserves and make my own jams.

Do I sound like Audrey from Little Shop of Horrors? I really do want "Somewhere that's Green"... A simple drama-free life.

I sometimes get house guides from the supermarket and shop for homes. Knowing I can't buy them.

I would just have more time to be able to do the things I really want to do. Which interestingly enough are all pivotal to church service. I wouldn't dress any flashier than I do now.

I guess its a nice daydream. What would you guys want if money wasn't an issue?


Abelard Enigma said...

Do I sound like Audrey from Little Shop of Horrors?

I LOVE Little Shop of Horrors. I have the movie (on VHS and DVD), I have the soundtrack (on LP record), and I have a piano book with the music.

Annabelle said...

If money weren't an issue I'd build my dream house...somewhere in the 'burbs. I'd donate a huge chunk of it to charity. I'd make sure that my family was set up. I'd pay off my parent's debts, and make sure they had enough to retire on when the time comes. I'd help my siblings get going on their lives. I'd invest. And I'd buy a lot of shoes.