Thursday, January 3, 2013

Biological vs. Adoptive

Does it really matter in the long run about blood?

I've had a friend pose some interesting thoughts to me about this. He said that flesh and blood is a stronger bond than adoption. I supposed there is some logic to it. He brought up a friend of his who has only been able to adopt---citing that they experienced a void.

What he said makes sense. However, in this situation, I am CHOOSING adoption rather than it being forced on me through infertility. My only infertility issue is that I don't want to have sex with a woman's body. lol. As far as I know, my sperm is functional and would be able to fertilize an egg.

Does blood matter? Yes, it can. To some people.
Does blood make a difference? Yes. To some people.

Is it possible to love an adopted child more or less? Yes. In my case, as I don't have any options, I think loving an adopted child makes sense. I am choosing it. It is my personal choice. So in my case, blood is nice but an adopted child will be just as much loved as if I had a child born to me naturally which contained my genetics.


Dean Scott said...

The bond between my adopted son and me is considerably stronger than the non-existant bond between my dad and the father who abandoned him.

Neil Fourie said...

don't believe you would love any child more than another no matter the process behind getting them - just the love will be different.

it will be different because our personalities are all different.

Azalea Adamson said...

I think in the situation your friend brought up, there could be a void as there would be a feeling of loss, they can't create a child. That does not mean that the love the adopted child less or the bond is less. I think it is 2 separate issues. Just my thoughts though.

I have children of my own. I had my friends kids during the day and then for a few whole days and nights when she had a baby. Our family loves those kids. If, though it isn't even a possibility, we got those kids all the time. We would love them just as much as those that came to us biologically!