Friday, January 4, 2013

Improving Self-Image

A lot of self image issues can be managed with time. I honestly believe that.

We all wish we were more beautiful, more attractive, less of a weirdo, and more of a cool guy. We want to be in the Plastics and not be in the Band Geeks. I think we all have the ability to become more confident in our appearance and life.

I'm going to propose starting a series of blog articles examining some topics which hit close to home for many of us.

There are several categories which I think are issues with people and their appearance:

1) Their body. Usually weight, height, blemishes, even penis size. All of these cause issues of people feeling inferior on some level. Some people obsess and worry about their skin tone. Others worry about not being tall enough, or being too tall even. (Is there such a thing as being too tall? Maybe I just am attracted to the tall dark and handsome types.)

2) Clothing. A lot of people thing that expensive clothing, regardless of style, size, color, etc. will make them better looking. Some people don't know how to choose clothing to fit their style.

3) Hair. I know a lot of people who complain about their hair---its either too lifeless, too boring, etc. There are ways to combat that though.

4) Being Awkward or Shy. I think being shy is normal in some situations. However, for some, it can be crippling. NOTHING is sexier than confidence. Except for maybe Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman. (Cue every Moho to google his name now.) I think I would be attracted to Jeffrey even if he was severely scarred from having acid thrown on him. Can he be more adorable?

We're going to analyze each of these ideas with my thoughts on how to overcome some of these issues.

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ControllerOne said...

Funny for all of my insecurities about growing up I never cared that I was short. People would point it out to me and I would say "we'll thanks, before you said something I never noticed". Looking forward to your posts.