Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Gay Eye for the SSA Guy: Body Part 5, Make-Betters

I think to begin a beauty make-better (as opposed to makeover) was need to sit back and honestly take a look at our appearance.

Make a list of 5 specific attributes you love about yourself.

Make another list of 5 specific attributes of things you'd like to improve. In my case, I've done this so I am including a list of things I'd like to improve on where I've already written them out as goals.

Here's an example love list:

1) Eyebrows
2) Eyes
3) Clear facial skin
4) Height
5) Jawline

Improve List

1) Improve skin on rest of body
2) Work on removing blemishes (or minimizing them)
3) Lost 15 lbs from body weight
4) Be more particular with body hair trimming\grooming
5) Improve health of hair

Nothing on the list is impossible to do. Nothing is extreme. All of these items are achievable with time and effort.

For example, I love the skin on my face. Why? Because I use face masks. Sure, it doesn't sound super masculine. However, I get compliments on how nice my skin looks. Its not too oily or covered in blemishes. I'm hoping when wrinkles start showing up, I will be able to downplay those by taking care of my skin now.

If I want to improve the skin on the rest of my body, I can look into getting better moisturizers, body scrubs, and soaps. There are lots of natural ways to improve one's skin too from around the house ingredients. I've seen some people who make scrubs from things like oatmeal and sugar.

Every couple of weeks, I have what I call an "At Home Spa Night" which usually involves me, a bath tub, candles and a lot of products. I'll use bubble baths, salts, scrubs, etc. You name it, I own it. I love Bath and Body Works, Body Shop, and all sorts of smelly soap products. I'll take a long bath, shave, trim my eyebrows, use a face mask, etc. By the end of the time, my body feels so relaxed and fresh. Its truly lovely. I need to someday get a house with a large jacuzzi tub to make it even more pleasant.

The reason I bring these things up is that there are little ways in which we can improve our spirits and our beliefs about ourselves. Even doing things like making your skin look its best, smelling your best, and feeling good... will make you more positive about your outward appearance. Others will notice it too. Especially if you're not one who normally spends much time on yourself.


GMP said...

The greatest thing any of those things can do for a person is give them a sense of pride and confidence. Your co-workers, neighbors, cute boy/girl down the street may not notice that your elbows aren't as dry or that your hair is better kept, but they will notice your confidence, and that will attract them.

Post-It Boy said...

I actually agree. I think that inner confidence is extremely important. However, I think that inner confidence can come from knowing that we look our best and we're taking care of ourselves.