Saturday, June 16, 2012

Refocusing on my future...

I've pretty well decided to change wards and will be going to a ward in the Avenues in Salt Lake City tomorrow. I don't have any friends in my current ward so I figure it doesn't hurt to try out a new one?

I wonder if changing wards will be a good way for me to refocus my energies a bit... I'm also going to begin focusing on some of the fundraising things soon. I need to find a way to get a website going so I can track my progress. Its difficult for me to figure out exactly how open I can or should be at this point. I want to be able to advertise on Facebook and other places... I have 600+ friends on there. If every person on that list paid me 46 dollars, I'd have everything I need to adopt a child from Africa AND buy several months of food for the orphans from whence he will come.

I am hoping to be in a house within a year from now. I am hoping to have my adoption paid for within two years. I am hoping to pay for the adoption through various fundraisers. . .

One of my plans is to contact celebrities for either cash or souvenirs to sell. I'm looking at purchasing some books online which will help me in that regard. I've read of people raising THOUSANDS of dollars this way. So I might make an investment of like $100 to send letters to celebrities who have adoptions, orphanages, Africa, etc. as projects they're interested in.

I'd like to see myself focus less on the attractions aspect in life. I'd like to focus on changes I can work towards---changes of getting out of debt, into a house, and having a child...

Sometimes we need to refocus. Sometimes we need to recharge. Sometimes we just need to work on something which gives us meaning.

If anyone has any charity fund-raising experience or some advice, let me know. :) 

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