Monday, June 25, 2012

I feel like...

... sometimes I just want to call it quits with life and move to another place.

My job hunt is not going well. Not been able to find any jobs within my field. I'm searching for other career opportunities. Wondered about going to get a Masters Degree in Social Work and then get a job in an adoption agency. Totally different career path. Not sure if it is just a pipe-dream or a day-dream since I'm just tired of not having a real career.

My future plans of fatherhood will never happen without a career. That I know. Why it is taking me so long to reach that, I'll never know.

I'm trying to figure out ways to clean up my life and maybe start over a little bit. Anyone ever feel like starting over is the best possible idea?


AKgayN.LDS said...

I have felt like running away and starting over. In a sense I did and I am glad I did. A few years ago I moved to Alaska for work and was able to change a lot about myself and my life.

Although, running away doesn't really fix anything unless you are willing to work on the problems. Even after moving it took a year or so for me to be willing to face my issues. Maybe school will be good for you.

Good luck!

Post-It Boy said...

I don't really think of it as running away... Maybe its just that I need a new start. I just don't know what that new start would be.

I'm tired of being poor and working 60 hours a week to STILL be poor.

Trev said...

Yeah, you need a new job. From a total outsider perspective who only hears from you how and when I do, you seem miserable where you are.

A new start sounds like a good idea.