Wednesday, June 20, 2012

What makes you think there's a difference...?

On the Northstar Facebook Community there was a recent discussion about the differences between Moho, SGA, Same-Sex Attracted, gay, etc.

Everyone has a different opinion. Many are radically opposed to one or the other. Some will fight to the death.

To me... the only difference in definition is what you've assigned to it since they all mean the same thing to me:

You are attracted to people of your own gender.

That is something we all have in common. Does it matter in the end what we call ourselves? Does calling oneself gay mean they've given up or given in to temptation? No. It is just a weird which that person has chosen to assign themselves. The only connotations or meanings which it has in addition are what we assign it. So why should there be any difference? Why do some feel one means something better than another?

Personally, I think it is a dividing line. People who call themselves same-gender attracted vs. those who call themselves gay. I don't even like labels, but whatever people call me, doesn't mean I am any one particular way. I am still myself and making my own choices as to actions I want to do in my life. Some good, some bad.

There are some holier-than-thou who believe they're superior to others and have to check up on everyone else's business. So if someone calls themselves gay, then that person is obviously a wicked individual and people need to be alerted. That is why the very much appreciated "Ignore\Block" button was invented. Thank you facebook!


Trev said...

That's way I go with "gay," so no one has any excuse to look at me differently from others who experience the same thing but may be perceived as being "different" because of how they respond to it.

I think it's ironic that all these people don't realize the greater power they could have in the scheme of things if they would just go with the same "gay" word everyone else is using and own their experience. They would sound so much more authentic and more credible because it wouldn't be so much like they are trying to hide (not in all cases, of course, but many--and because of the different usage of the word, they can come off that way even if it's not their intent).

Post-It Boy said...