Friday, April 6, 2012


Why are there so many self-hating gays out there? I just don't understand this idea.

I see it all the time... people who feel conflicted as to who they are. And people who cannot seem to grasp that "Its okay you have these attractions." Whatever people DO with these attractions is their own decision. Stay in the church. Leave the church. Get married to a woman. Get married to a man. Whatever. Just stop hating yourself and promoting hatred amongst other people!

Seriously people. There's enough animosity from outside groups looking at Mormons like we're weirdos (which is kind of true!) and there's a LOT of animosity from people against homosexuals. What are we doing to stop that hatred instead of pushing it?

I get so tired of hearing hate---from active members of the church who deal with this issue of sexuality in their lives, we should never promote hate. I see, though, all the time this idea that "Oh, this guy isn't LDS anymore... so he's apostate!" Or "He's got a boyfriend now. I cannot be friendly with him... since his influence will get to me!"

If another person can influence you like that, maybe you're the issue and not your friend or ex-friend. Just sayin...

I think that a lot of this comes from a self-hatred. Like, deep down, no matter the face you give to the world.... you don't like your attractions. You don't like yourself. And isn't that a horrible way to feel? Isn't it about time to learn to love yourself---including your attractions? I'm not saying I want become the poster-boy for gay positivity---but I'm certainly tired of hearing the "I hate myself!" idea. I am also tired of people thinking that they HAVE to be struggling in this life. We're not Martin Handcart pioneers---we might have challenges in life, but our sexuality doesn't have to be one of them... why can't we look for positivity in our issues? Find hope amongst the darkness we feel we are in? (Personally, I am in a nice bright room right now---which is symbollic for how I see my sexuality---something which doesn't have to be dark and gloomy!)

Stop the hate. Especially in your own heart for your own sexuality.


Andrew A said...

I agree. Enough hate.

Post-It Boy said...

I agree. There's a lot of people who hate themselves and their lives. It is no wonder people like that leave the gospel. Why would people want to stay where they're miserable?