Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Standard of Liberty... Are you joking?

I might end up doing my own Q+A as to what is wrong with groups like the Standard of Liberty. For those who haven't seen them, they are a very fundamentalist group based in Utah County. Essentially they're so pro-family that they don't see same gender attracted people as human in my opinion.

Here's their FAQ:

I have strayed away from giving my honest in the moment views on them. Recently this group has been brought to my attention and it angered me so much I said I needed a few days before I posted on them.

Their views are archaic---dealing with old fashioned ideas that homosexuality is inherently evil, full of all sorts of perversions, etc.

Have these people ever met any of us? I mean---even though I might be still LDS and following those rules---it doesn't mean I'm any different from the rest of the gay community in a sense. I mean, what I am is a gay person who just happens to follow the LDS standards. Do I have an easy time with it? No. But am I different from a non-LDS gay person? Not really. I am just as attracted to Ryan Phillippe as anyone else. And actually, thats not true... I prefer Chris Hemsworth in Thor. And I don't even like blonde guys. But---smokin!

This FAQ is full of hatred in my opinion. The idea that homosexuality is full of sexual deviants, promotes unhealthy lifestyle choices, and is full of just these like horrible individuals... Its archaic. And it is derogatory. These are likely the same people who'd protest a gay couple moving into their neighborhood since it would tear down the family. Or something stupid like that.

Do they mean well? I am sure they think they are. However, I just see them as being very negative. I don't know why they would have to feel the need to behave like that towards gay people.

The idea that they still find homosexuality to be a curable issue is insane to me. My early blog posts dealt with my struggling for years to find a way out of it... I thought that if I prayed long enough, fasted, yearned for change that it would come. Well, either Heavenly Father doesn't answer prayers (which I don't believe---as I believe in the power of prayer very much!) or this isn't something that can be "cured" in that way. I have never seen anything in their way of statistics in my life---I'd love to know where they get those from. I've never met gay people who have been cured. The fact that they're claiming this says to me that they're out-dated in their views. Honestly, how could I not see them in this light?

Their claim that all the gay-to-straight people just want to hide their previous identities and thats why they don't make any big claims about it now? BS! If they really knew a way out of these attractions, they'd be marketing it as a means of making a quick buck. Thats the American way!

I just think they're ridiculous. And these ideas are going to perpetuate negative stereotypes, self-hatred and suicides.

End of discussion about them. For now.


"Lucky Jake" said...

Amen!!!! They are the Mormon Westboro Baptists...

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