Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Adoption will not be straight forward in Utah. Got an email from an agency who told me about how there was a law against homosexuals adopting in Utah. Only way for me to do it is to claim to be heterosexual and convince all the social workers who will dig into my past.

Sometimes I think the surrogacy route would be easiest. My fund raising would still go towards the same end benefit: having a child. However, it saddens me that Utah wouldn't allow me as a tax-paying citizen to adopt easily and honestly.

I'll be okay. I'll figure something out.


Andy said...

I agree, it doesn't seem right that so many obstacles are put in your path. I do know of a couple in Salt Lake that went the surrogacy route. It could be a good viable option for you. I'm fairly certain they went out of state for that.

Post-It Boy said...

Surrogacy is still on my list of plans. I don't know why adopting one and biologically being connecting to a second child makes sense to me. I would love them both equally, I'm sure, but it seems symbolic of family to me... kind of growing it from various places.

I got word from an agency who will help me with a homestudy in Utah. So I am actually quite pleased. I got that message after I posted the above blog post.