Monday, December 5, 2011

Why? ... and goal confusion

I think that religion is a very good thing overall. Is it perfect? No. Are people of any religion always 100% accepting and loving? No.

However, religion nor the lack thereof isn't proof of one's spirituality or godlessness. Some people are religious and moral but do not go to church at all. There are plenty of bad people who hide behind a shroud of religion to cover up their errors and issues. Neither are the correct route in my opinion.

I'm a supporter of people living in a way which is beneficial to themselves and others around them. Regardless of their religious beliefs. A lot of homosexuals are turned off by religious groups entirely and become atheist. Maybe that is partially with how homosexuals have been treated by the vast majority of religious groups or individuals? That would be my guess.

I think that part of the problem with why these two groups don't live in harmony with each other is a misinterpretation of each others' goals.

Misbelief: All Christians are haters.
More Accurate Belief: Not all Christians are haters. Nor do all Christians think of themselves as anti-homosexual. Some groups are taking longer than others to get onto the bandwagon of acceptance and love. A homosexual labeling a Christian (whether LDS or not) as being a hateful bigot is as bad as a Christian saying that a homosexual is eternally damned or that they're living a Godless life. Neither are promoting the acceptance or discussion with each other about beliefs to create a better understanding. In fact, if someone said to me "You're a Mormon... therefore I don't want to talk to you" despite not knowing me personally, it would be very offensive. Much like if someone saw me, and said "I can tell you're gay, therefore you're gross!" In neither group is there any better understanding. Labeling an individual after the judgment of an entire group is unethical and wrong.

Misbelief: All Homosexuals are trying to change society for the worse by pushing their beliefs and wanting society to accept them.
More Accurate Belief: OF COURSE Homosexuals want to change society---but whether its for the worse or the betterment of the community is up to interpretation. Homosexuals have been treated badly for years and years... SIMILAR TO HOW CHRISTIANS HAVE BEEN TREATED! Shouldn't we be more sympathetic to each other's causes if we've had similar histories? Until recently, Homosexuals were jailed and in some countries put to death. Christians have had similar histories. Mormons were legally allowed to be killed in Missouri after the government allowed their extermination. Hitler specifically targeted homosexuals and killed thousands of them in the holocaust---even people simply associating with homosexuals. In England, it was considered against the law. Even in someone's personal private home, it was against the law and punishable by prison sentences. SO why wouldn't a group want to fight for more acceptance? Is it that bad to want to be treated like a human being? Sure---some homosexual groups write children's books about children having two daddies or two mommies. So they're "indoctrinating" a younger generation. This is a common fear of Christian populations. However, just like a Sesame Street Character in Africa who is HIV Positive, it is a tool being used to stop hatred and promote understanding. NOT to turn kids gay or push them to get AIDS through unprotected sexual encounters.

I think that if the gay and Christian communities sat down and didn't have a heated debate, there might be some more cultural ground for similarities than we're currently allowing. Maybe we'd find a way to be friends instead of bitter enemies.

And for people like me who are actively LDS and find themselves with homosexual tendencies, we would have a better place in a society where both groups can embrace each other.

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