Sunday, January 20, 2008

My Soapbox

Okay, so I actually had to re-read my blog from last night because I posted it way too late slash way too early to remember what I said.

It should always be a bad idea to blog when your mind isn't clear. I still stand by what I said though.

Now for a discussion...

I've noticed amongst many of my gay friends this need to be recognized. And I've noticed that the gay community fights for this a bit. Society needs to recognize their unions, their rights, their this, their that, etc.

I can understand what it feels like to be rejected by one's peers and even partially my family. While only my parents are currently "in the know" I have felt rejection by my family at times. I have a close relative who absolutely and bitterly hates gay people. Wants nothing to do with them and thinks even celibate gays are on a one-way ticket to hell. So while he doesn't know about me, it still is rejection on some level. Its painful. But I moved beyond it.

So many people fight so hard to be accepted. I think that gay rights is a step with this---fighting for acceptance from the masses.

Sure, I advocate less violence towards gays. But I would say the same about any group! Blacks, Jews, Mormons, Christians, Republicans... etc. I don't like when anyone is physically harmed or made fun of. I don't agree with homophobic attacks on people just as much as I hate people attacking other groups of people.

I don't think marriage rights will change many peoples' minds about gay people. And I don't think every person in America needs to have a gay friend or read gay themed children's stories in elementary school ... "Billy has two Mommys" or whatever. Seems silly, once again, for the issues of the few to overshadow the majority.

I'm a historian and I can tell you that the institution of marriage goes back as far as recorded history points. Always for various reasons. Historically, Marriage was a financial institution between a man and woman in order to help provide necessary trades and abilities and further protect the individual from financial ruin. Marriage later became about love and affection in a more Victorian age. Marriage motives have changed but the definitions have stayed the same.

I am not against Domestic Partner relationships or "common law" agreements in order to protect one's inheritance. (After all, marriage historically also dealt with legal inheritors... why do you think being a bastard child has had a bit of a social stigma?)

Marriage is defined as being between a man and a woman.

Instead of fighting for one's own rights, isn't a more-Christlike attitude to seek to help others?

Aren't there children starving in foreign countries? And people who are dying because of a lack of something like Penicillin?

Wouldn't a better rally be to try to save lives than to promote one's own agenda? Personally, I'd rather focus on other issues which are more pressing.

Another thing I have to discuss... why is Zac Efron the most talked about cast member of High School Musical when Corbin Bleu is absolutely adorable?

Okay, so Corbin is far too young for me to have a crush on him. BUT I think he's cute in the way that I'd love to adopt him. Or better yet, adopt a little biracial kid who has hair like his! He's adorable. Zac is great in Hairspray.

I had to PROVE my sexuality by bringing up Corbin since I know some people are shrieking that I'm not a supporter of gay marriage and all that jazz.

Corbin Bleu is much more adorable than Zac Efron. 100 times. No questions asked. I'm watching Corbin Bleu youtube clips. And yes, I will admit I secretly want to own his CD...


Felicity said...

I'd personally pick Zac over Corbin, but I think we can still be friends. And I can't believe we were at the same party and I still didn't meet you. Alas...

Post-It Boy said...

We probably DID meet. If you're female, there were only so many of those.

And we did meet. Kind of. Sort of.

But we'll leave it to your imagination to figure out who I am.

I didn't know you knew Danish Boy too!

Post-It Boy said...

Or as I refer to him... the "Great Dane" since it makes me laugh. Since he's Great. And Danish.

Felicity said...

Yes, there were 2 women there. I wasn't Nicole :)

And yes, I know Danish Boy and love him with all my heart. I'd call him the Delightful Dane...because that's what he is.