Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Mitt vs. Clinton vs. Barrack

Okay, so I woke up today and was super tired but for whatever reason decided to turn on The View where they quickly criticized Mitt. Made me think...

I'm not supporting Mitt because he's a Mormon. Actually, initially, I was in support of Barrack until I saw what an idiot he seems at times. And although I think Hillary could be good, I think she'd end up like her husband. I think both are manipulators.

Anyway, I like Mitt because so far, he's seemed the most down-to-earth and honest candidate. Plus, I think he's better looking than the Kennedy family who everyone thought was so gorgeous... No, I don't have a crush on Mitt Romney. I just think he and his wife could bring back a little of the old-school Camelot feel to the White House and the Presidency.

Honestly, I think he could become our President.

And I'm not against a Mormon for President. I'm not FOR a Mormon for President either. His religion simply made me aware of him, although, I used to work in Massachusetts when he was Governor so I knew all about him before.

I think its annoying that this Presidency Campaign is the Mormon, the Black and the Woman. Seems a little ridiculous to me. Sometimes I wish the American People would realize the importance of a Presidency and try to pay at least a remote amount of attention to who is elected. SO many people ignore their right to vote. Its honestly, extremely sad to me.

Even in a state like Idaho which will undoubtedly vote for Mitt (not because he's Mormon but because they always vote Republican) I think its important for everyone to vote.

I don't think one should vote simply because of race, gender or religion... It should be about "WHO will make this country better?"

So unless Barrack really impresses me in the next while, I'm voting for Mitt.

And, am I the only one that forgot McCain was running too?


The Impossible K said...

I was in support of Barrack until I saw what an idiot he seems at times.
...I'm curious- what did he say? How does he seem like an idiot? None of the candidates are perfect by any means (quite the opposite, really)- still, I wouldn't call any of them idiots.
I agree on one point though- it is ridiculous to see how the media uses labels as propoganda. If you ask me, religion, race and sex are the least important factors to consider when voting.

Post-It Boy said...

Well, I don't think he IS an idiot... just some of his comments in debates make him sound like one.

Just my opinion. As I said, I'd vote for him over Hillary although Hillary has been seeming much more people-friendly and less scary the last month or two...

Felicity said...

Weird. I just posted a blog about the candidates like 5 minutes ago. I like your thoughts. Oh, and you need to read this blog about "Voting for Hotness."

Post-It Boy said...

Felicity, thanks for that post--I think I will start calling Mitt "Hot Stuff"

I wonder what he looked like as a BYU student. I bet he was good looking. And his kids are probably attractive too.