Tuesday, March 13, 2012


I've read some blogs in the past about people who claim to be asexual. I don't say "claim" to be confrontational. Or negative about what they're saying. I say claim because I've never met anyone in person who is. Nor have I been able to fully determine what that means.

Is the person void of sexuality now? Or is it repressed? Or is it merely that they focus on so many other things they're not attracted to any particular gender right now?

Its an interesting concept. Not sure how I feel regarding it, personally, but it seems an interesting concept. Would asexuality be preferable to some people? I suppose if someone has an unwanted sexual compulsion they might favor asexuality to a sexual preference. However, does this even work? How would one go about turning off the switch? Is it a mental exercise? Is the person already not highly sexual anyway?

I'd like to know. And I'd like to know what others think.


Matt said...

Well. What to say? I think of myself as asexual because over time I've noticed that most guys have much more urge to put their penis in things than I do. I've never really cared about that.

I've had a couple of relationships with guys, and balancing their sex drives with my lack thereof was a challenge. Given my druthers, we would have cuddled a lot and kissed a little and spent lots of time together and maybe, maybe had sex for special occasions. They wanted it every other day, or more.

I can't say whether or not I feel how I do because my sexuality is repressed, much in the same way I can't say that somewhere inside me there isn't a big ole honkin' heterosexual hanging out. I don't think my lack of sexual desire comes from being too busy, but maybe, I guess.

So, for me, "asexual" is a term I use to help people wrap their heads around the fact that I don't like sex like they do. Like how some people don't like chocolate.

Incidentally, I love chocolate.

Andrew A said...

*shrugs* It has me baffled because I feel sexual attraction toward other people. I'm sure there may be some conditions that would lead to a person not feeling that sexual attraction. I just don't understand. Probably why I also don't understand people feeling like they were born with the wrong gender or people who like bell peppers and mushrooms.