Monday, March 12, 2012

A cliche?

Okay, I was referred to this blogpost...

Which I find hilarious. I LOVE it.

Seriously. Why do girls still have crushes on me? I am nearly 30. I own my own dog. Who is named after a character from a children's book.

I never date. I am well-groomed and wear french cuffed shirts to church.

I wear vintage tuxedo jackets. On a casual day. With jeans.

I talk about my dog more than girls.

I don't play sports.

I DO notice the good looking men who walk into a room. And generally if they come in to work, I give them extra good help. Much more so than females or unattractive men. So what? I'm bigotted.

I used to subscribe to GQ. Never read the dating articles. But I did dog-ear the pages with outfits I liked.

I prefer shopping to playing video games like a straightie would.

I worry about how fat I am. And I voice it. In public. Sometimes.

And yet, every so often, there's a poor clueless girl who I find out has a crush on me. WHY? Are these girls just so smitten by me they don't see the clues? Or am I so clever at hiding them from everyone except my faithful readers? Sigh.


BLB said...

...ain't that the truth (regarding GQ and such)?

Trev said...

Ha ha ha, that is indeed a great post. I love the "healthy touch" one, myself. The "person" attracted to one is good, too. Actually, I find myself being a lot more conscious about using gender-neutral language both in these situations and in others that wouldn't "give me away" just because I am more conscious of what I see as the appropriateness of it. I find it curious that I feel like SSA makes me more attuned to the equality of the sexes--I've often thought that it may indicate how much sexual response filters our perceptions of other people.

Ugh, I hear where you're coming from with people "not getting it." The thing is, I'm convinced at this point, that in our Church culture we simply don't have the vocabulary or discursive space for the possibility (of reality) to even cross some people's minds. If you think about it, vast segments of the LDS population NEVER have any sort of conversation regarding or personal exposure to homosexuality--if they do, it's in a formulaic exchange of code words and phrases that establishes sharing of the "correct" cultural views without exchanging any real information.

You could try telling people directly. :D

Post-It Boy said...

Trev, due to my employment situation, I'm private about my personal life. In personal friends' circles, I am open and honest with many of them. :)