Thursday, September 27, 2007

Silk Orchids and Pizza Parties

I had a pizza party at work today. Actually, at my old job. It was fun. Who doesn't love free pizza? I saw a bunch of my old coworkers who I see like every other day anyway since I'm always in classes with the same people...
Tonight Cool Roommate and I went to Walmart. He's a little mentally distressed since one of his friends is going through a hard time---no details but we'll just say its not good news. lol. Cool Roommate and I decided to buy a DVD player for our living room.

While there we were wandering around. And I decided it was a good idea to buy some flowers for our bathroom. I had a vase and some glass stones. All we needed was foliage and such... So we picked out some blue and white flowers which looked nice.

Its a Moho bathroom. Its supposed to be color-coordinated. And then when we were walking around we found some pretty silk orchids. Normally 3 bucks each... now marked down to 2.25. I checked the price again and they were 75 cents! So I bought three for less than the price of one regularly.
I'm not a huge fan of fake flowers. I prefer real ones. But fake are nice since they will always look pretty.
And since it would have been expensive to fill the big vase I bought with stones, I bought a 50 cent remnant of white muslin type fabric and stuck it in there...
Very pretty. Its in our kitchen table. And the bathroom has been redone with the plants. It looks nicer. More home-like. Or should I say homo-like?

Cool Roommate and I are still boggled that the straighties haven't picked up on the clues yet. They must be blind.

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