Monday, September 24, 2007

My Roommates

Okay. So I have to tell you about my roommates since I am sure they'll be brought up later.

One is my cool roommate. We'll call him "Cool Roommate" ... Then there's ITT Tech and the Catfisher. Hereafter these last two might be referred to as the "Straighties" when used plurally.

Cool Roommate is by far my favorite. Hands-down. We have been friends for like 3 months and from the first email we were like oddly like brothers or something. Hard to describe. Also a Moho.

So Cool Roommate and I don't really love the Straighties. They're a little annoying. All they do is watch Football and say the F Word.

The F Word, you say?


And they go to church every week, evidently. So we live with two guys who swear all the time. No joke. Its ridiculous.

I shouldn't judge since I do think swearing can be hilarious. I used to give the finger to my friends all the time as a form of endearment. Sick and twisted, I guess. But I was a freshman and I was stupid. Some of my good friends---including my first ever Moho buddy---helped get me to realize swearing is silly and not very Christ-like. So I have grudgingly stopped to be obedient and all that jazz.

I am the oldest in the apartment, I think. The Straighties are so immature. Its hard to tell their age. Cool Roommate and I think they're a little retarded. Since seriously all they do is watch TV and its not just that its TV... its the crappiest TV shows they could choose. Seriously.

ITT Tech watches Prison Break which is the only one of his shows I like. Well, I don't even like it since I've never watched it. But if I HAD to watch a show he watches, I would watch that.

Cool Roommate and I have cleaned the apartment like everyday since we moved in. Catfisher and ITT Tech do nothing.

Oh, and they also call everything faggy, sh*tty, and love to call each other (and their friends) motherf*****s... No joke. I never said words THAT bad even when i was a freshman and would swear occasionally on campus.

Which brings me to the best story ever from my LDS Campus life... I was once in the Religion building. Middle of the day. I was walking and I stumbled on some stairs. I ended up exclaiming "Oh S**t" a little too loudly and it echoed down the hallway I was walking in... echoing down the very hallway where about 5-6 Book of Mormon classes were going on.

I bolted out the door and didn't look back. I didn't want to get into trouble.

Funny? Yes. Inappropriate? Yes. Such was my life as a Freshman.

Anyway, so ITT Tech doesn't talk to Cool Roommate and I. He ignores us. He and Catfisher are buddies. Catfisher and I talk enough to the point that I like him and don't want him to move out. Well, I kind of do... but whatever. But thats just so that Cool Roommate and I could pick better roommates.

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Danish Boy said...

Ha ha! I love it man. So you consider me a great Dane huh? cool. I'm glad you finally succumbed to be a blogger. I knew you would eventually.