Thursday, August 30, 2012

New Normal

So I watched the pilot for The New Normal, a show about two gay men who are going to be fathers via surrogacy. I loved it. Of course, I loved it. It made me laugh at times. The couple is relatively believable. The character of Nana couldn't have been more racist, rude and obnoxious.

So of course I loved her.

KSL, a church owned affiliate of NBC, wouldn't air the show. Is it me or are they just looking for ways to get upset? Here's a show which is cute and innocent and yet people get ticked off because its about two men. If it was a man and a woman, I'm sure some orthodox Mormons would be upset because the church actually has taught against surrogacy.

Of course, I already have a friend who said she'd be a surrogate for me for way less than an adoption would cost. I haven't decided yet if I'd do it, but I would be very much tempted to go ahead with it as a plan if I had the money.

I started working on some of the adoption fundraising website planning. I found some great images from friends. I'm hoping to get something started relatively soon. I'd love to think I had things started.

Maybe my choice to start a family as a single LDS man will become a "new Normal" in LDS culture. Maybe I'll spark others to do the same thing.

Its a cute show. I really relate to the main character.

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