Friday, August 31, 2012

Does anyone wish... ?

... that you had a crystal ball to tell you the results of making big changes.

For example, "If you go down this path in life, this will be the result. If you go down this other path, this will be the other result."

It would allow for easier decision-making choices. Its too hard to make difficult decisions when I'm at an intersection of emotions, feelings and faith.

Its hard to dance with the devil on your back, so shake him off.

I have to think about a lot of things for which I am uncertain. And I don't think that prayer is always going to fix if I'm praying for things which might not go forward with the gospel's plan.


Joe said...

Maybe you should wait until the Devil helps you make a crystal ball before shaking him off your back?

Joe said...
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Dean Scott said...

It is interesting that my most recent blog post talks about crossing bridges even when we can't see the end of the bridge. We are sharing the same thought. I get frustrated sometimes not knowing how things will work out. I look back, though, and realize there are very few decisions I would change. I really don't want to know how everything will turn out. I think that would diminish the true joy when it does come. Best wishes.

Post-It Boy said...

Joe, I don't know if I want a crystal ball from the Devil but if I could have some answers to my "what if" scenarios currently in my head, I'd love it.

Dean, right now I feel really trapped and I'm trying to figure out my life's path. I see two distinct paths I could go on, both would have pain and joy. But I don't know which would give me the most joy and least pain.