Thursday, July 26, 2012

When I think...

... of all the pain I've suffered at the hands of church members and Utah culture through insensitivity, I wonder why I still have anything to do with either?

Utah has adoption laws in place to prevent children from finding parents. This is directly in connection with legislators who believe that single people and gay people are incapable of raising children and being productive members of society. Very few states have anti-gay adoption laws, but there are some. Utah is known for crazy adoption laws and essentially stealing babies to put into homes through LDS Family Services. Yep, its true. Google it.

But then when there's someone like me who would be happy to adopt a child who is now home-less and family-less, who doesn't care about their age, and actually would love to work with kids in foster care. And then because I get excited when a tall, dark and lean man walks by, I'm an unfit parent? Its based solely on stupidity. And bigotry. And basically, a lot of people who don't know what they're talking about.

While dozens of children sit waiting for homes they'll likely never get in Utah.

A lot of people say insensitive things about gay people---thinking that we're not capable at child-rearing. Or that we're sexually promiscuous. Or that we're bad influences on children or others around us.

Its ridiculous. WHEN will Utah grow up and realize that kids need homes? I wouldn't be looking to spend 30K if I thought that I'd have a snowball's chance to adopt here in Utah through Foster Care. Ridiculous.


Duck said...

I teach in northern Utah. One of the women with whom I teach, who is also gay, is adopting a 7-year old girl through Foster Care. I am not sure how it is being done, but it seems it can be done.

Good luck to you in your continuing hopes. I have read a lot of your blog. You seem like a great guy and that you would be an awesome papa. :) Duck

Post-It Boy said...

I have a friend of a friend who works in the foster care system---I will need to ask about this being done. Since I've not ever heard of it being possible. In fact, I was told that single men adopting in the foster care system would never work.

Single women they might make an exception for. Since vaginas prove parenting abilities and penises are just symbollic for evil. Evidently. lol.

I'm glad you've read a lot of my blog. I'm happy to hear it. :)