Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Something's Coming...

I've decided to start a small fundraising project for my adoption plans. Probably won't raise millions but I am testing the waters to see how much this project might work for me. We'll see. Its a fun one. I talked with a professional fundraiser (yes they evidently exist!) who thinks I should concentrate on raising funds for the adoption---and then some more minor funds to raise at a later date for the benefit of the orphanage. I kind of like this idea actually. Since I tend to bring too much on myself. And raising an extra 10k would be difficult.

I have a friend who I've been corresponding with lately. We talk basically everyday actually. I don't know if it is myself projecting to my future parenthood status or whether it is him in particular, but I am very protective over him in a strange way. I don't usually feel that way except for family members. So this is a very unusual situation for me. Its a nice feeling though. I could use with more thinking about others.

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