Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

I love halloween. I love costumes.

Of course I also loved daydreaming all day about taking my own child out Trick or Treating. So weird, I know.

I found out traditional surrogacy is illegal in Utah. And any gestational surrogacy needs to be approved by the courts---and if the surrogacy is for a gay couple, it probably wouldn't be approved.

WHY is Utah so insane?

So now I'm leaning heavily towards surrogacy in India. It will cost me about 28,000. Or I will try to find someone who is a friend who would do it but isn't interested in raising the child. But even then, it would be illegal in a sense. India would be legal.

Its so complicated.


recover and thrive said...

or you could just move to a different state?

Post-It Boy said...

I actually considered having two legal residences and adopting in the less hostile state... would be tricky.

My career is based here in Utah, and without giving too much away, would be more difficult if I moved out of state.

So for now I'm looking into the surrogacy plan and hopefully going to find a good attorney or outsource to India. (Makes it sound like I'm building a shoe factory instead of a baby!)