Saturday, October 29, 2011

Adoption in Utah

For those who haven't looked into the adoption process, you're probably lucky---here in Utah, adoptions by single men are next to impossible. Although they're "legally allowed", men are put onto the bottom of the adoption list. So usually single men wait years in Utah for any child.
In addition, single adults cannot be living in the same household as another adult. So even a roommate is not allowed. Effectively, making it illegal for capable parents, such as myself, to adopt.
And we wonder why there are still THOUSANDS of children in the system who age off without homes?
So basically, the only way for me to adopt is to know another person willing to give up their child to me specifically.
If anyone knows someone giving up a baby who wouldn't mind a single guy with lots of love raising him or her, let me know---give me a break, Utah!


Anonymous said...

I honestly wish the best for you. I think everyone... married, single, gay, straight... has the right to be a parent. :)

Post-It Boy said...

I agree. I have friends who have commented that I'd be a better parent than they are---I'm actually more than open to adopting children of other races or even older children or with minor disabilities. Problem? I'm male. And Im single. And I live in Utah!