Wednesday, October 24, 2007

I love Binders

... I realized that my post from the other day probably bummed people out or made them think "Gosh, Post-it Boy... Stop having a Pity-Me Party for 1"

It wasn't meant to sound like I was seeking pity.

In other news, I have organized one of my research binders for a class I took a few semesters ago. This only pleases me but I have a distinct impression that if I continue to organize and reorganize my research and final projects from past semesters, I'll somehow discover something I never thought I had before... Which sometimes happens.

You wouldn't understand unless you were someone who loved organization. (You meaning the imaginary "You" who reads my blog.)

I went through my binder and realized my report was pretty good---which is why I got an "A.... Impressive" Grade. It didn't list any notes really other than the grade. Is that weird? The professor is really eccentric though.

I realized I had done more research than I had previously thought. Which makes me wonder why I didn't continue with this work beyond the class. Which makes me WANT to continue on beyond this class. Which means that next semester, I'm taking Part II of this course so I can complete this binder properly and fill another binder with information on my topic... Which will then be filed onto my shelf and ignored by all but me.

And I will be quietly content to have a really nicely organized file of my classwork. Complete with dividers, labels and charts...

Post-It Boy
p.s. For those who know my by-day persona, you can guess what kind of class it was...

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Annabelle said...

Organization is one of life's simple pleasures. Nothing says "I'm content" like a thoroughly organized existance.