Sunday, March 30, 2008


Ever feel like sometimes NOTHING is going right and then you get a little hope?

I have a friend who is attempting the long process of coming to this country. He's a very good friend of mine.

Recently we've had a lot of blessings with him coming here. However, we have had challenges... and despite the fact we have only partially completed steps for him to come here, we have hope for things to come. Its a comforting feeling having hope.

I am considering putting his name into the temple when we are working on the immigration process as his motivations for coming here are good. The best way to get things done is with the Lord...

Recently I had an experience where I had to go into the reception area of a temple to ask a question. LONG story. Anyway, while I was there, I felt something which I haven't felt in a while...

I really want to go through the temple. I've decided I'm talking to my Bishop when I graduate and move to a more permanent ward. Its about time I took that step. Instead of dragging my heels.

I forgot how pretty even the foyer of a temple is.

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MrChoriz said...

Moho u are the best friend thanks for everything..!