Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Itunes and Thoughts

Today I woke up and opened my Itunes. A typical morning activity as I am first waking up.

I imported a folder of some newly acquired music and I came across a song I do not ever remember downloading or getting from a friend. My only guess is Cool Roommate sent it to me. It is called Ophelia by Rebecca Luker.

Its a really good song.

I've had a friend who has been a little sad lately because he wants to be loved.

Sometimes I wish that for some people, being loved by friends was always enough to realize they are worthy people. Why are we the worst critics of ourselves?

People are sometimes shocked when I tell them I've battled body image issues and thought I was very unattractive my whole life... until a few years ago when I began to accept I wasn't as hideous as I thought I was. Granted, I'm not a supermodel. However, I'm not bad looking. I think most people assume those who aren't ugly could never have body image issues. Actually, I think it is a problem for everyone.

Why do we do that to ourselves? We make ourselves think we're unloveable because of our looks, appearance, wealth, status, etc.

EVERYONE has worth. And, everyone has the same worth simply for being human. We're not amoebas whose life will not be missed when its snuffed out. Everyone, even people in prison, have people who love them and will miss them when they die.

Just because you don't have a hot guy on your arm doesn't mean you're not loved or loveable.

Friends are good sources of love. And if they are true friends, they'll respect your standards whatever they are. So rather than think of yourself as unloveable, go and find a friend who can let you know how special you are... The biggest step of all is actually BELIEVING it for yourself so that you don't need to be reminded of your special qualities and will know it on your own.

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