Sunday, March 16, 2008


I'm in Salt Lake for the next few days visiting family up here.

We had a crazy freak snowstorm last night. It made me realize how nice the sunshine is. It is harder for me to live when I don't have regular exposure to the sun. We'd been having some slightly warmer days with sunshine... and then its been snubbed out a bit.

It makes you realize how important the small things in life are.

I think sunshine is a small miracle which happens to us everyday which we don't even take the time to consider. Without the warmth and rays of the sun, life on this planet would be impossible.

It is one of the many miracles which everyone is allowed to experience. Gay, SSA, Straight, etc. And yet, how many of us ignore those small things in our life which make it quite literally possible to be alive?

Instead of focusing on the negative of what the church "forces" us to live by... all the rules and laws and commandments which some claim smother their freedom... Think about all freedoms and blessings we're given on a daily basis.

And, speaking of sun, Where is Spring?

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Felicity said...

I love Utahns in the Spring. At the first hint of it, we put our coats away and refuse to treat Winter weather like Winter. Any snow or cold temperatures are more like a cruel trick at this point. Bah!!