Saturday, April 5, 2008

Being Different

I only caught the tail end of the talk today by an Apostle. Forget which one since I've now seen several hours of Conference. Hard to remember each speaker individually.

Anyway... The talk mentioned being different.

The part I remember most said that just because we're members of the church does not mean we have to all be the same. I liked this idea because I think sometimes we assume that to be LDS we have to be just like everyone else. However...

How are LDS People EVER like everyone else? Aren't we outcasts already for being different from the World? We're not all the same because of differing personalities, appearance, educations and backgrounds. I was raised in a Mormon home in the east coast. I am tall, average build, decent looking. Am I bad because I'm not the type of Mormon you see in Utah who are also my age? Sure, I don't have two or three kids as some of my friends do who are about my age. However, I like my differences. It keeps me real and authentic to myself.

Being different from others is a blessing.

Those of us with SSA have special talents and abilities. Why not focus on the things which make us special and unique instead of thinking about all the ways we don't fit in?


alea said...

It was Elder Wirthlin. It was an excellent talk.

And he was talking about the pressure INSIDE the church to conform, not to conform in general to the world.

Post-It Boy said...

I know, I was just being all self-relectivey. :)