Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Problems and Solutions

I'm the type of person who likes to find ultimate solutions for any problem. In my research, I continually come across problems historically with what I think makes sense... So I read more. Reference other books. Go to papers about Social Studies. Talk to professors, etc. in hopes to find a logical answer which I feel confident is correct.

Sometimes life isn't able to give us "answers" to questions.

Recently I was asked to go on a group date. I agreed not realizing that a group date wasn't just a group of people hanging out but many couples doing something together. Naive Post-it Boy!

I realized I have not gone on a "date" at BYU. Over two years and no official date. Just hanging out on occasion with friends and of course there are nights when I hang out with a Moho but its hardly a date.

I don't know who to ask. I know of a couple girls who probably have crushes on me. But is that good to ask a girl out who might have a crush on me only to disappoint her when its a one-time only thing?

Maybe I should just ask a female friend who is "in the know" about my same-gender attraction so I'm not going to have too awkward of a night.

I guess I'm the atypical Mormon guy since I haven't gone on a single guy-girl date since coming here a couple years ago.


Felicity said...

Your BYU experience sounds a lot like MY BYU experience! I went on 2 dates in 4 years. Only 2. Good times.

Am I right in guessing you're a history major? Maybe the absence of dating is related to the classes.

That was my theory at the time...

alea said...

I didn't go on a single date until my last year of BYU. Having watched my roomies/friends, this wasn't typical, but also wasn't considered that abnormal.