Monday, December 3, 2012


I have an interview for a job which will probably pay me half of what I was making as a temp.

Pros? Benefits. And a steady paycheck. Even if the paycheck isn't very good.

Cons? I will have to work another 15-20 hours a week just to have enough to have a real life. Which will defeat the purpose of working for a life since I won't have a life.

I don't have a life besides work. And I work in order to have a life. Which I won't have because I have to work all the time. Damned if I do, Damned if I don't.

Oddly enough, this job interview makes me want to stop going to church anymore since I am feeling really bitter about where my life has ended up.


I think my life has turned into a bit of a joke, honestly.


And I've given up hope on having a good career working in my current profession. It'll probably always be as disappointing as my life has been. I've worked myself to the bone to remove most of my debts, lost my car in the process, and have no career options but to get something which doesn't pay as well... then work that until I can maybe work myself up career-wise? Seems like starting over.


As I said, life is a big disappointment but we're supposed to like hold to the rod and hope that things are better in the next life, I guess? When I magically become straight and will want to get married? I dunno. Seems like a bunch of shit.


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