Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Kind of pissed at Steven Fales

So has anyone else heard of Steven Fales? He's the famous "Mormon Boy" actor or whatever... Anyway, I guess he has a new play in the works which is a collection of monologues from the perspective of our "Heavenly Mother"... A current play of his talks about temple ceremonies according to a review I read. (Why I read it, I have no idea... Since I wouldn't see his play even if I had free tickets since I've heard enough.)

I can appreciate his coming out stories, knowing that many experience the same things... I'm sure his life has been a challenge as he's had other non-gay issues in his life... and I'm sure he's struggled.

However, no matter where his testimony and faith (or lack thereof) he should have respect for sacred things...

Oh, this fumes me.

That guy is just like every inactive gay Mormon I've ever met... They lose the spirit and then BAM! Its all about making fun or talking lightly of sacred things. That really offends me. I don't care if he's had a hard life as a prostitute or drug addict or whatever else he's done---I'm sure that was hard for him. However, he's gotten beyond that and left the "cult" he'd been in... So why doesn't he just move on with his life and talk about something besides being Mormon?

So lame.

No one invite me to his show because I'd probably be angry the whole time. I don't like when people make fun of sacred things, no matter who or what they are... And I'm not just talking my beliefs, if someone was making fun of another religion's sacred services or beliefs, I'd be mad also.



robert said...

what is not love is always fear.

Post-It Boy said...

Well, he certainly isn't expressing much love by saying offensive things about sacred beings or beliefs...

Alan said...

I've met Steven Fales. I've heard his story at length. I've seen one of his plays.

Calm down. You don't know enough about him to make the judgments you have. If you are truly confident in your own faith, then someone else's different reaction to it or treatment of it won't bother you. The Savior forgave even those who put him on the cross. What Steven does or says doesn't hurt you. Let him find his own path as you find yours.

Post-It Boy said...

I've met plenty of people like Steven Fales---taking sacred things (even things once sacred to them) and turning them into low end entertainment.

And while his faith, or lack thereof, doesn't concern me---I don't like the impression he is giving of my beliefs. I think its offensive.

If he didn't have his "former Mormon" routine to all of his shows, he'd have lost his gimmick though.

I certainly would never see his plays. That's fo shiz.